Memory Lane for Food Lovers

It is Oscar Night eve! The excitement is building.  The red carpet has been rolled out and we are two movies away from completing this journey. Today’s winner is “The Tree of Life” set in post-war America 1950’s. 

How do you sum up the 1950’s cuisine with one meal?  There were so many changes to the American diet that decade.  A ton of new food products and restaurants made their debut.  It seemed to be the decade where convenience of meal preparation was leading the food industry.  And yet in hindsight I can see where nutrition and basic whole foods started to be sacrificed.  Fascinating to say the least.

In doing my research of the foods of the 1950’s I confided in my husband that there was so much to choose from.  He seemed to have the best idea.  He said, “They ate leftovers in the ’50’s, right?”.  As I laughed I realized what he was really saying.  We have been gorging ourselves on a lot of food during Oscar week.  Our refrigerator has been packed with leftover steak, pulled pork, sausages and pizza.  Our freezer has two large bags full of bagels.  And that’s without cooking a full meal every night.  It’s just unusual for us to eat like this during the course of a “normal” week.  I have to admit that I am a little burned out on the big meal.  And the idea of adding a tuna casserole or burger with fries and a milkshake onto our table did not sound like fun.  Every avenue I explored ended with a large heavy meal.  Ugh. 

So leftovers it will be with a side of culinary history.  I like it!  It’s different.

So instead of bringing you a new menu, I thought I’d take you back in time a bit.  Below is a very small list I gleaned from a much larger list of food products introduced during the 1950’s.  Maybe play a little Elvis or Buddy Holly while we’re at it.  Enjoy!

1950 Sugar Corn Pops


1951 Duncan Hines cake mix


1952 Lipton Onion Soup Mix



1953 Swanson's TV Dinners

1954 Peanut M&Ms

1955 McDonald's opening




1956 TreeSweet

1957 Pam

1958 Tang

1959 RC Cola