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New York Bagels & Pizza

Oscar night #3:

We take a trip through the boroughs of New York to honor the next nominee,  “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”. Every type of cuisine can be found in New York.  So many choices! However, we are going to start our day with New York-style bagels and round out the evening with a slice.  And since this was one of those days where finding the time to make homemade wasn’t going to fit its way into my schedule, I thought it would be perfectly acceptable to spotlight one of our fabulous local bakeries and pizzerias. (Yes, even on the very edge of the West coast, you can find a really really excellent taste of New York)

We have several fabulous local bagel spots in town.  One of those is The Daily Bagel.

Nothing beats the smell of warm bagels and coffee in the morning.  I’ll take mine with cream cheese, please!

Now on to our evening presentation…..

My family loves New York style pizzas and Mezza Luna is one of the great local eateries that fits that craving. 

Each slice is a perfect balance of sauce, cheese and herbs.  Never too salty or too bland.  The crust is thin and the edges are just chewy enough.  My mouth is watering as I think about it.

Don’t you wish you had smella-blog right now?